Friday, January 10, 2014

Where is all began

         I guess bare with me, I am not a writer. but I would like to share with people my history and stories. I hope you will enjoy what I have to say.

Almost 20 years ago, My grandmothers basement flooded from the hot water heater. My family had to start removing things, so it could start drying out. As I was removing things off a bookshelf in the corner, I noticed a green hard back book that read Grand Memories copy write 1972. It amazed me as I opened it I started to look for names I knew and I had found my husbands family pages and pages of history. I asked Grandma if I could have it, she of course said yes and to this day I still have it. Its just a bit wore out, with pages marked, things underlined. As I was going though it many years ago. I noticed grandma had a page marked, I took a few years later to understand what the name meant to my family. I have now an answer for that name grandma marked in her book. Sadly the family is not related to us.

Grandma has since passed on Nov 18th, 2000. I miss her for so many reasons, not getting to meet my daughter that was born 7 weeks after she had passed, Proudly I can say my daughter is a 4th generation named after her, Sadly Grandpa has also since passed in 2002. Most of all I do not get to share what history I have done and what I have found on there families.

I hope somewhere somehow they have seen all the hard work I have done and they are as proud as I am for doing this.